News for October 10, 2017

La Cosecha #autumn #harvest #cosecha

News for October 10, 2017

Craig Richards (left), crooned the crowds with drippy brass, like a spry Kenny G. (with whom he is actually friendly). We meditated and communicated, reflected and connected. And don’t worry, that shirt connotes his participation, not fandom.

Here we make a Ruben Vilagrand sandwich. In addition to being a slick, creative, captivating Spanish mime-magician, Ruben is a joy to be around. He is a rare case of constant play, goof and razzle-dazzle, WITHOUT coming off as “always on.” it’s completely natural, and nothing but charming.

Floating across the Pacific for twelve days, relationships root and sprout in a hurry. Disembarking, they fade into memory even faster.

Let’s all send a message to a fling-friend from back in the day and reconnect. Too many bridges burn from neglect.

News for October 10, 2017

After twelve days at sea, and a wild night in Tokyo, a hungover flight back across the Pacific sounds wonderful. (at Tokyo, Japan)

News for October 10, 2017

I remember when it was like pulling teeth tryna find a dime bag. Now we make herbal art! (at San Diego Bay)

News for September 9, 2017


News for September 9, 2017


News for September 9, 2017

Take me to one of those patios!! #dreamhouse #vermont (at Montpelier, Vermont)

News for September 9, 2017

Timeless majesty (at Montpelier, Vermont)

News for September 9, 2017

Real Maine folk. Matt, my air bnb host is a carpenter, athlete, skater and overall genuine, light hearted guy. He’s got an infectious chuckle, and there’s not a hint of pretense or affect in his disposition. He’s like water– fills the depth or accommodates the shallowness of the container.

Avril is an artist, designer and self-proclaimed yogi. Though, when I pointed to the Buddha on her necklace and said, “ey! Siddhartha!” and she paused and said, “um…no it’s Buddha, actually” I wondered how comprehensive her spiritual training is. Her gigantic smile is accompanied by a set of glassy green peepers and an endearing dorkiness that makes me believe she is believable. She is one of what seems to be a noticeably large population of mixed race people in portland.

It’s white here, no question. But it is more racially diverse than I thought, and the amount of international residents is very surprising. In fact, next door to the house I’m at is a big family of Syrian refugees.

News for September 9, 2017



Bobby Dub has written music for shows such as TMZ, Tyra, Ellen, America's Best Dance Crews, Lopez Tonight and many others. His commercial work and tv/film score make up a diverse catalog of unique flavors.

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